Produce a video of the story being read, postable on YouTube, Facebook, etc

What I would love to see (and what the language community is requesting) is if Bloom was able to output a video that showed the text (and relevant pictures) synchronized with the audio, which could be posted on Facebook or other social media or a website. Perhaps the words would appear at the top or bottom of the screen. It could have highlighting by phrase, kind of like in the RAB apps.

Like another forum member said, making it easily post-able on Facebook will give a huge boost to anything. It would be much easier to share them with people this way because many people have little room left on their SD cards for apps but can use Facebook or YouTube for free or little money and are often willing to pay a little bit for it.

Is there any update on this Feature Request? Still hugely requested by the community!

Hi, thanks for asking. The ability to publish a book as video is on our roadmap for Bloom 5.2. We are starting on Bloom 5.1 in June and normally each version takes us about 3 months. So that would mean 5.2 would be in beta in the last part of 2021 or Jan 2022.