Problems with Keyman windows popping up

I have some problems with Keyman which I wanted to explain by the means of some screen shots, but this discussion doesn’t allow me to upload a .pdf and only allows the upload of some of the .jpg files that I made from the .pdf.

Because this program won’t allow the uploading of more than one .jpg file I can’t explain fully what the problem is. What I wanted to say with screen shots but can’t is the following:’

  1. Just now when I try to type capital M, instead of getting M, I get the keyman desktop window popping up (I was trying to set up a Zoom meeting and type the word ‘Meeting’)

When I later tried to type capital K I get the additional small Keyman keyboard popping up:

This smaller keyboard icon only disappears when I go back to Keyman program and click on ‘On Screen keyboard’

I am wanting to promote the use of Keyman among some of the minority language communities in Northeast India, but I would like to understand why Keyman is causing the popping up of windows so that if friends in India and Myanmar have this problem I can explain.

I think I can now add the 2nd photo of my screen shots

Welcome to the community.

First off, could you tell us the following info so that we can take a closer look:

  1. What is your current Keyman version?
  2. What is the keyboard you are having the issue with?
  3. Please clarify what you mean by “small keyboard icon” and the issue you are having related to it.

If you haven’t taken a look at our help and documentation on Keyman for Windows (previously called Keyman Desktop), please visit: Keyman 14.0 Help.

This is an issue I have seen before but have not yet tracked the root cause for it. Fortunately there is a simple workaround while we research a proper fix.

This problem arises when Keyman thinks the modifier keys Shift and Alt are down.

Workaround: Press and release each of the modifier keys to reset the modifier state.

I have written this up as a bug report: bug(windows): modifier keys sometimes get stuck · Issue #4884 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub

Thank you Marc for your clear explanation. I had begun to think it might be something like that. I will try what you suggest when I next have the problem.

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Thank you so much for your response. According to my computer, the version of Keyman I have is Keyman Desktop 13.0

The problem I’ve been having is when I’m in the default English keyboard on windows and the Keyman suddenly seems to ‘take over’; this may be, as Marc Durdin suggested, due to the keys sticking.


Can you confirm that this behavior occurs in Keyman 14?

Thanks Makara. I have had Keyman 14 installed for about 2 weeks and so far the problem hasn’t occurred. I’ll let you know if anything happens.

OK. This issue is now marked as “resolved”. Feel free to reply to this thread if it happens to you again.

For current readers, please see related conversation Bug with left-alt and links therein for additional fixes upcoming.