Problems with Keyman 10 on a Norwegian physical keyboard

I have problems getting the Phil Unicode (mnemonic) keyboard to work correctly with Keyman 10 on my Norwegian physical keyboard. It is especially the deadkeys that are causing problems. Everything works just fine on an English US physical keyboard.

Unfortunately I’m not able to upload the source file and keyboard here. Please contact me offline if you are able to help me.

You can use this link to send a PM to the Keyman team. In the PM, you can attach your keyboard source files so one of us can help troubleshoot.

It looks as if only files with the jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tsi extensions are supported for upload. How can I upload a kmn file? Renaming the extension doesn’t work either.

I received the keyboard files you emailed and will pass it on to the team to investigate.

Several of us are still transitioning between countries, so it may be a few weeks when we get to it…

There is an option in Keyman to “treat hardware deadkeys as plain keys”. Does changing this option improve the behaviour of the keyboard for you?

Checking the Treat hardware deadkeys as plain keys option does help, but there are still some very strange things going on when using Keyman with the Phil Unicode keyboard on a Norwegian physical keyboard.

In Word 2010, if AltGr + a dead key is pressed at the very beginning of the document, it has the effect of locking the Ctrl key, with all sorts of strange things happening when subsequent keys are pressed. The only way to get out of that state is to press the Ctrl key. If AltGr + a dead key is not part of the first character in the document, everything works normally. Everything also works normally if the Ctrl key is pressed while pressing AltGr + a dead key for the first character in the document.

In Paratext 8, any time the AltGr key + a dead key is pressed, the whole chapter is highlighted. Also here it has the effect of locking the Ctrl key and it is necessary to press the Ctrl key to get out of this state. And also here, if pressing the Ctrl key in combination with AltGr + a dead key, everything will work normally.

It looks as if things work the same way in Notepad as in Paratext 8.

Thanks for the additional feedback. It sounds like we’ll need to dig a bit deeper; as Darcy notes several of us are transitioning between countries so it may be a few weeks before we can investigate this in detail.

I really don’t know what is going on here, but today everything is working normally. I do not see any of the strange behavior described above. And I do not know that I did anything different today than I did yesterday.

I just discovered that it was necessary to add the US keyboard for the English language for things to work correctly:


After adding the US keyboard, I also had to log out of my Windows account and in again before everything worked normally.

It was the following setup that created all the problems described above:


This issue is being tracked here: