Problems with Bloom books going into RAB

Hi, I have been trying to get all our Bloom Big Books into Reading App Builder but am encountering some problems, so I am trying to post this on both Bloom and RAB forums in the hope of getting some answers:

  1. No cover page appears. I am very glad that the other outside pages with Bloom logo etc are not there but the cover page with the book title and picture are essential. Is there a way to bring them into the Reading App without having to go through every single one of my books and create a new ‘cover page’ as part of the inside pages…?
  2. I have one audio file for the whole of each book. I synchronise using aeneas. When I go to the Fine Tune timings, nothing appears…
  3. Even when I reduce the font size in the RAB set-up, it still comes out really big in the app and there is no response when I click on the font button in the app to alter it (bigger/smaller) - it just stays the same size.

Please note I am working in an Arabic-based script language, reading right-to-left. Apart from the RAB settings randomly flipping back to left-to-right now and again, that hasn’t been a problem so far.

Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give

Bloom to RAB is a work in progress. You currently have a number of options.

  • Use the RAB Bloom to RAB converter (will be discontinued when the next option is working properly)
  • Use the Bloom Player type in RAB
  • Convert your data to SFM
  1. Digital books unlike print books that is the heritage of Bloom often have the title page at the back or after the pages of the book.
  2. I think the aeneas only works with SFM (Word is converted to SFM but HTML is not)
  3. This is because it is HTML with inline formatting rather than styling. Inline take precedence over styling

Sorry for the delay, I missed noticing this one being unanswered after I cam back from Christmas vacation.