Problems using Tibetan Unicode EWTS Keyboard on Win10

  1. Cannot type Unicode script.
    It should display ཀ when I type “\0f40”, but it can’t.
  2. Cannot set to Latin mode and Cyril mode when I type “ESC”.
    3.Cannot type “-”. For example need type “-i” to input “ྀ” .

Welcome to the community, @Punnia.

Can you point out the key sequence to output the expected character using the help documentation here?

In this document.

Not fully implemented EWTS.

I replied you in this topic sir. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are using an older version of the keyboard which has been deprecated.

Can you try and use its latest version ( instead?

I’ve using 2.4 version, and the problems were in this version.
This version not fully implemented EWTS.

This documentation you’ve sent earlier is of an old version of the keyboard.

Can you make sure the documentation being used goes with the keyboard you use?

The keyboard:
The documentation for the keyboard:

If anything in the documentation doesn’t get reflected in the keyboard, drop the specific point in the reply.

Thank you for your help, I understood now.
Some rules were deleted in the new version.
What a pity. I’ve looking forward to new changes.

You can try and request to have the new changes/features you like to be added/reinstated to the keyboard on GitHub, i.e. create a new issue or feature request via Sign in to GitHub · GitHub. The decision is solely up to the author of the keyboard though.