Problems dragging a folder to Github

I am trying to submit a keyboard project to Github. Clicking and dragging the project folder from File Explorer does not seem to copy the folder or any files. I am logged in to Github, I have created a branch and am in the right location. (The keyboard project is named orma, I see there is a release/o folder, which is where I am trying to drag orma.)

When I drag the folder onto Github, it says “Drop to upload files” but when I drop, nothing is added, it asks again to drag files to the repository.

I’ve done a screen cast of what happens, can you see what the issue is?

That sure looks like it should work!

Try following the procedure in your video, but then do one additional step: drag the folder again and drop it in the box that says “Drag files here to add them to your repository (Or choose your files)”. I think you’ll find that it does add the files.

The GitHub UI may have changed since the instructions were written. It’s hard to keep up!

OK, the second drag did the trick. Why didnt the first one work? (Or how do I tell Github to go right to the second screen where dragging a folder actually submits the content?).

When you have created the branch and navigated to the correct folder (release/o in your case), instead of doing the first drag, click on the Add file button, then Upload files:


Then you will see the box that says “Drag files here to add them to your repository” and you can drag the folder.