Problem with Yiddish keyboard automatically changing letters to langer tsadek

I’m learning Yiddish and using the Yiddish Pasekh keyboard. When I need to type a word that has a tes ט followed by a samekh ס , the combination gets converted to a langer tsadek ץ. What should I do if I don’t want that to happen, for example when writing the word אַרבעסט ?

Usually a keyboard comes with a documentation which tells its key features and more. :slight_smile:

Per Yiddish Pasekh keyboard help page,

The backslash (\) key functions as a temporary place holder to separate letters or parts of compound words. Type s\h to output סה (samekh hey) instead of ש (shin), or type ge\aylt to insert a shtumer alef between the ayen and the pasekh tsvey yudn.

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