Problem with spaces after pasting from Publisher

I am developing a large collection of books in Bloom, but I have noticed that when working on the last several books Bloom is not saving any changes I am making to pages after they are initially typed in. Does a Bloom collection have a memory limit? Has anyone encountered this problem?

There is no known or intentional limit. It’s possible that Bloom is somehow running out of memory. I would expect some kind of error or warning message in that case, however.

If you would use the “Report a Problem” option in Bloom’s help menu right after you encounter one of these not-saved-pages problems, it would send us some logging information that might provide a clue what is going wrong.

Hello John,

Thank you for your quick reply. There are just particular kinds of changes Bloom is not saving. I am working on a series of books in a language with a non-Roman Script (Khmu - it is a Lao based script). When I copy the books from Publisher into Bloom I find that sometimes extra spaces are added into the text. When I make the correction on a particular page, then work on to another page, and return to the page where I made corrections the corrections are not there…the same extra spaces re-appear.

I will try to “Report a Problem” in the Bloom help menu. Please look on p. 3 of the book I am reporting on. You will see a super-script number ‘52’ in the first line of the book that has an unwanted space between the 5 and the 2. When I take the space out it ‘re-appears’ when I return to this pace.

Thank you for any help you can offer. I am making these Bloom books in preparation for loading them into RAB.



Thanks, Michelle, it will be a huge help to have a book that actually demonstrates the problem (especially if we can make it happen without the book needing to be part of a huge collection). Please have that book open when you make the report and allow Bloom to include it with the report. If you can include those instructions with the report that will help us too!

Hi John. I sent the error report and a copy of the book (I think!).

God’s blessings,