Problem with installation (Keyman Developer)

I made a simple custom keyboard, where some combos of letters would turn into other letters. “ng” → “ŋ”, for example. The rest would just be modeled off of the user’s keyboard.
I compiled it, and it said there were no issues. It also worked perfectly in debug mode. Debug mode wouldn’t always start, but if I tried a couple times to start it, it would start just fine.
Then I encountered my problem. When I pressed install, it didn’t do it correctly. It showed up in the Configuration > Keyboard Layouts menu, but it wouldn’t go in my actual keyboards. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, it’s always the same result.
I’m pretty sure its a problem with my keyboard specifically, cus I’ve installed different Keyman keyboards, like an IPA one, and other keyboards I’ve made in the pats.
Anyone got any idea what the issue could be?

Can you send the keyboard project folder over so that I can help and check it out? If needed, DM me directly with the project folder attached/shared.

It won’t let me attatch files to replies or DMs - something about new users not being able to - but I uploaded the project folder for download here

There are a few things which should have been done different, i.e. the file organization and keyboard package.

However, after building the .kmn, I can install .kmx on my Windows 10 Pro 21H1 without any issue. The keyboard by name of “Sygish” does show up in the keyboard menu from the taskbar and Keyboard Layouts in the Keyman Configuration. I’ve also successfully tested in Notepad. Please see the screenshot below. BTW, what is the version of your Windows?

Just in case, here is the .kmx from the build of this keyboard.
sygish.kmx (2.6 KB)

I’m not very tech savvy, so I didn’t actually know what version of Windows 10 I was running. I checked, and it said 20H1, and I just updated it to 21H2, hoping that would help. It didn’t help me any though.

I think I’ve noticed what might be the problem, though. Whenever I install it and it only shows up in the Keyboard Layouts window, there’s no language. Whenever I try to install a language to the keyboard, it runs into an error.

Here’s some screenshots of what happen when I try to install English to Sygish.

(posting this reply in two parts because I can apparently only attach 1 image)

(2nd part)
And after - it usually installs for a second or so, getting maybe 5% of the progress bar, before I get this message every time.

I’m not sure what causes this, but I’m pretty sure it’s the problem. Can’t show up in the keyboard menu if it’s not connected to a language, I think?

Edit: Doing this also installs a new language/keyboard - English (Niue)

I am looking into this; this is a known issue in Keyman that we are working on resolving. It relates to the Windows language installation process and receiving an unexpected language code back from Windows when we try to install.

It never happens on any of our test environments :frowning: but we will keep digging to find a full solution.

A possible workaround: I think you might be able to select a different English language region in the dialog – it looks like you’ve selected English (Niue). Can you try selecting e.g. English (US)?

For our reference:

I couldn’t install it to my normal English keyboard - English (Danish), but I could install it to an English (US) keyboard! I’ll just have to get used to symbols being on different keys for now.

Thanks a lot for your time, and good luck with finding the issue!

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