Problem with Installation at Step 5

Hi there!

In following the PDF installation instructions I got to step 5, but got this:

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Before reading the instructions I did try to run C:\sdk\tools\emulator.exe. I don’t know if that’s relevant or not.

Thanks so much!


Yes the JAVA_HOME looks like it should be correct and clearly RAB has found Java to start. So that makes it a bit odd.

Have you looked in that folder to see what is in that folder?

For installation you should understand the difference between PATH and CLASSPATH. You can find in detail here.

Thanks Ian! This is what I found:

Thanks so much Halovate for the links.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer and do not understand them too much.

Everyone, what would my options be for getting a live help session? Is this something the Insite HelpDesk can help with? Or, should I contact my SIL Area’s IT? What would you recommend?

Thanks so much,


The bin folder is missing in your listing.

Also it makes me think you also have a Oracle Java JRE installed that is running SAB.

We recommend you uninstall the Oracle Java and only use Corretto Java.

Thanks so much for your help Ian. I just uninstalled an Oracle virtual machine, uninstalled Corretto, rebooted, deleted all Corretto program files, downloaded a newer version of Corretto and installed it, and then continued with the instructions in the PDF. It seems to be working! I’m able to make a hymnal app, build it, and install it on my phone.

During the final RAB installation instructions, this line showed up several times in the command prompt window:

Warning: File C:USers\larkale\.android\repositories.cfg could not be loaded.

Is this significant? What problems could come of this?

Thanks so much.