Problem using parenthesis with Keyman Hebrew (SIL)

I use Keyman with Hebrew (SIL) on a Mac with OS 16 and Word 16.69 (365 subscription). When trying to type a Hebrew word inside parenthesis, the closing parenthesis "jumps’ out of place. I’ll type a word and then try to put an alternate word in parentheses. After spacing between words, I’ll type the open parenthesis, which makes that character jump to the right margin of the line. I’ll type the first Hebrew character of the word I want in parentheses, and that letter plus the open parenthesis jumps back into place. I’ll type the rest of the word, and then when I type the closing parenthesis, that character jumps to the right margin again. I have tried several iterations and “tricks” to get this to work, but I cannot simply type a Hebrew word inside parentheses. Any help?
UPDATE - a few more details. After typing a word (Hebrew 1st person pronoun), I entered a space, typed the open parenthesis, and the “)” character (which is the opening parenthesis for Hebrew) aligned on the right margin. The alignment is set as right aligned. I then typed the longer spelling for the pronoun, and after typing the first character (aleph), that character and the opening parenthesis moved to the left of the first word, continuing as it should after the first word with a space between. I then typed the rest of the pronoun and typed the close quote character “(”, and it jumped to the right margin also. NOTE: on the Hebrew keyboard, typing the English open paren character “(” outputs the Hebrew open paren character “)” as it should. I then typed another space character and entered another letter, aleph again in this case. As soon as I typed that character, the close quote and the new aleph character moved to the left of the word I’m trying to enclose in parentheses. The output produced a space after the second word, the close paren, and the next letter with no space between the close paren and the aleph I typed.