Problem searching in a concordance view


I have a concordance app I have built for a team from the Philippines (Keley-i, Dick and Lou Hohulin) and it is not behaving as I would have anticipated but maybe I am not understanding.

The app is here

When you do a search for a word (take the word etan as an example), I get a nice list of all of the occurances with surrounding text as I would expect

When I then click on one of the “search hits” instead of going to that place in the text where the word occurs in the concordance it takes me to the start of the concordance. Is this by design and if so what could I do to make search more useful in the concordance?

I will note that the concordance has “1 chapter” and I was thiking maybe I make all of the different words in the concordance chapters? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Note, if you want the links to the bible to work you also have to download the Keley-i bible. (see the Bible Hyperlink - the first item in the menu)

Serving together,
Mike Cochran

Yes, sorry, this is a current limitation of the search. It works well when there are chapters and verses - in order to move directly to a specific verse - but when there are no verse numbers, a tap on a search result just takes you to the top of the page.

I will make a note of this as something to resolve.