Problem installing keyman developer on Windows 10

I am trying to install keyman developer 13.0 in Windows 10, but for some reason the installer does not progress beyond the progress bar dialog box. When the dialog box with the progress bar appears, nothing else happens. The window is still responsive, so I can click the cancel button and drag the window around, but nothing happens and I cannot close it either. I have to close windows msi installer from task manager to completely close it.

It might be an issue with my windows 10 installation, but I don’t know what is going on how to troubleshoot this. Is this a known problem with keyman 13.0 on some windows 10 computers, or is there anything I can do to force an install? I have already tried installing as administrator.

Is there any workaround, for example, a standalone version of keyman developer?

Keyman installer: keymandeveloper-
Windows version: Windows 10 Pro 1909 build 18363.1016
Computer : HP laptop with AMD Ryzen 3 3200U with Radeon Vega Mobile gfx 2.60 GHz

This is a weird behavior.

I am currently having Keyman Developer installed on my Windows of the same version and build are yours. There was no hiccup in the installation process and I have been using it to develop keyboards without any issues.

If you have Keyman Desktop installed, please send us a diagnostic report to us from there so our developer team can take a closer look at this.

Sorry I don’t have keyman desktop installed, but this seems to be an issue with windows itself

There is some kind of security setting in Windows 10 enabled by default (at least some versions of it) that is causing problems with some msi installers

Open secpol.msc and disable this feature as explained here:

This fixed the problem for me for now

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@mahaju, thank you for sharing the solution you found to this problem. As @makara says, we haven’t experienced this problem ourselves, but I am sure that any one else who experiences it will appreciate your solution!

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