Problem Build APK

I am trying to build an App with DAB and it stucks when building the APK. Does somebody already have had the same problem and do you have a tip how I could solve it?
I have all the JDK, SDK packages needed and no error message coming.
The same problem occurs with input files LIFT and XHTML (from FLEX).


Thanks a lot,

I am assuming that you don’t have another project that is working?

If you can share your project I can look at it. Give sharing details via Personal Message. Click on my icon in the Web interface and choose message.

Héloïse, The thing to change in your project is the Minimum Android Platform. This is found in App > APK > Minimum Android Platform.

You had it set to API 30 or Android 11. That means the oldest phone it can be installed on is Android 11. I don’t have a phone that new. I changed it back to API 19 and it builds and installs now on my Android 7 an 9 devices.

In general you keep the minimum version so it is compatible with the most phones. Some features you use may require you to increase the minimum version. It will tell you at some point before you build.

Thanks a lot for looking at it!
But on my computer, the problem stays the same although I changed the Minimum Android Platform as you told. Is there something else I can try?