Prioritising the gloss when searching for common words

Thanks for the much improved search time in DAB 6.0. It has really improved the search times for our Tetun Dili project which has 11,600 headwords, 1,200 sub-entries, 12,700 English entries, 5,400 cross-references and 3,200 example sentences! One of the issues with a large corpus as this is when searching for common terms, one is overwhelmed with the result. If you search for a common word like ‘hand’, ‘house’, or ‘garden’, you get lots of entries in which ‘hand’ occurs, but don’t first get the one for which ‘hand’ is the gloss. e.g. if you search for ‘garden’, you first get ‘(flower) garden’, which is good, then get ‘raised garden bed’, ‘garden fork’, ‘grow a garden’, ‘garden hut’, ‘burn off … before planting a new garden’, and only then get ‘agricultural) garden’. Is there any way around this? I think it is mainly a problem for English, as Tetun puts the head word first, so any types of ‘house’ would be ‘uma’ plus something, and so would be listed after ‘uma’.

Glad to hear that the speed has improved.

Yes we need a text search on the each index. I have upgraded this to a feature request so you and others can vote.