Printing A5 landscape book

Hi everyone! Does anyone have advice on how to best to print A5 horizontal books, such as this one?

The Lord is my Shepherd Bloom Library: Home

We are printing the A5 Bloom books on A4 paper, with A4 cardstock covers. But, up until now, all the books have had vertical orientation. I’m not sure how to best print this one because of the horizontal orientation.


Hi Jenny,
Bloom itself will arrange things such that you can cut the A4 in half, put the top stack on top of the bottom, and you have your book.

It would probably be more convenient if it instead made a PDF with two copies of the book, so that when you cut, it you’d have two books. But this is what we have available now.


Thanks! So, when everything is finished, then you have a stack of A5 pages. How does stapling work? It sounds like you staple through all the pages on the left side (rather than in the middle, like with a vertical A5 booklet)?

Correct. So,

  • an A5 Portrait book in Bloom produces a “saddle-stitch” booklet stapled in the middle.
  • an A5 Landscape produces a booklet which must be cut horizontally and stacked to make on booklet, and then stapled on the left side.

Both PDFs print on A5 paper.

Note that if you can use an A3 printer, for example at a printshop, then you can produce A5 landscape books that can be folded and stapled. There are probably many programs that can do this-- one is our old PDFDroplet.