Pretty-printed version of OFL licence


I routinely pretty-print licences and other terms-and-conditions documents to improve their readability. I’ve done the same with the OFL for my own private study of the licence. Under UK Copyright law, I believe I’m not allowed to communicate my pretty-printed version to others.

I would like to share the pretty-printed version with SIL International, so that it might help them in improving or creating human-readable versions of their licence. Therefore, can you please give me copyright permission to communicate my version to you (to SIL International):question:


Mark Fernandes

Well, we have worked hard on readability and are keen for everybody to understand the license. What kind of readability improvements are you thinking about? You have to realize we don’t want multiple conflicting versions of the license out there.

Hi Mark - I give you permission to send me (privately) a pretty-printed version. We’re always interested in how we can present the license in ways that are more understandable. I’ll message you separately.

Completely understand.

It’s just that I’ve already put in the effort to make it easier for me to understand, and wanted others to benefit potentially from that.

I like your licence because it’s short, and having little and/or basic formatting does have advantages.

The readability improvements mostly pivot around visual reading (rather than reading done by blind ppl). They are straight-forward things that web designers might use for better communicating content.

Kind regards,

Mark Fernandes