Possible to use Oral Translation Recorder to record two translations?

I am working remotely with a young translator in Africa using SayMore for an oral translation (of the SIL Guide to Planning our Language Future) from English into Somali, and another language (an LWC). Is it possible to lay down all 3 tracks together? 1) the original audio (my voice in English), and then 2) the oral Somali, and 3) the oral LWC translation?

What’s possible? what’s best? Do I have to do this in separate sessions? Or separate projects?

Thanks. this has been challenging to do remotely from Minnesota to Somalia but rewarding to see the young translator catching on quickly.


I apologize for the lack of reply… SayMore is intended for Language Documentation. It sounds like you are using SayMore for something else, Oral Translation? I haven’t thought about that, so I’m hoping someone else might have some experience to share.