Possible to edit name taken from language tag?

I made a Wancho keyboard and set the BCP 47 tag to nnp-Wcho-IN. That sets the name to Wancho Naga by default, but I was told they are not Naga and the term is offensive so I should remove it from the keyboard name. I can change the Language name, but when viewing in Keyman mobile it still shows the full name as Wancho Naga (Wancho, India) on the space bar. On Keyman Desktop in Windows 10 I see the display name as Wancho Naga (nnp-Latn-IN) with Wancho under that. It’s set to nnp-Wcho-IN in Keyman Developer so I don’t know why it’s showing in the keyboard menu as nnp-Latin-IN. Either way is there a way to change the display to remove Naga?

You can see the keyboard at http://punchcutter.github.io/keyboards/wancho.kmp

This is an outstanding issue for us. Currently, the list of language names is not customisable but we recognise that this needs to be resolved. We are embarking on a project to address a whole lot of related issues with language names, codes and language pickers, so this resolution should come across the line in an upcoming update.

There may be some limitations - on Windows, the language names are set by Microsoft. However on mobile devices, we do control the names.

Thanks, that’s good to know.