Poetry styles not coming across

I’m working on a hymn book, using USFM mark-up. Each line of the verse is marked with \q1, and each line of the refrain with \q2. I was surprised that they came out all aligned at the left edge, with no indent. I fiddled with the styles, but that didn’t seem to do anything, and then I looked at the HTML output, and saw that each line was marked as though it were \m, as in each line looked like this:

<div class="m top-spacing">1. Iesu, masi kapumami,</div>

A more extended example is this source:

\v 1 1. Anongonongoo mae,
\q1 ta ukolokolo.
\q1 Ukkaluea ssavoto,
\q1 me amaulue.
\q2 Iesu, Vaughu, masi kapughu.
\q2 Ughaa velu ssavoto,
\q2 me amaulue.

Produces this HTML:

<div class="m top-spacing">1. Anongonongoo mae,</div>
<div class="m top-spacing">ta ukolokolo.</div>
<div class="m top-spacing">Ukkaluea ssavoto,</div>
<div class="m top-spacing">me amaulue.</div>
<div class="b">&nbsp;</div>
<div class="m">Iesu, Vaughu, masi kapughu.</div>
<div class="m top-spacing">Ughaa velu ssavoto,</div>
<div class="m top-spacing">me amaulue.</div>

Am I doing something wrong?