Please enable to define button height

I’m thinking of making the numeric layer somewhat bigger (per button). Please make it possible to define the button height.

The button height is controlled by the number of rows in the layer – if you have fewer rows, the buttons will be taller.

In other word, automatic, and not manual.

I see. Can you give me some more detail on what you are hoping to be able to control? The size of the keyboard area is very device-dependent so there are a lot of variable factors. Could you provide us a mockup image?

Hi, I had to flesh it out a bit first on my development keyboard, but here are 2 use cases:

  1. I want two layers with different number of rows to have the same button height, to maintain the look and feel (and muscle memory, among others).

    (Image 1)
    Right now the layer with four rows and five rows have different button height/size.
    I wanted something like:

    (Image 2)

  2. The keyboard (minus the autocomplete) occupy about 30% of the view in portrait mode (landscape-mode still have aa problem), but I saw in other keyboards go as much as 50%. For 30% keyboard height, 70% of empty space is too much, I think, and some of it could be used for keyboard instead. I want to increase the overall height a bit, probably to 40% or something.

    (Image 3)
    The letters’ size should be normal on the right, not skewed like that, of course
    And numeric keyboard:

    (Image 4)
    The numbers’ size should be normal on the right, not oversized like that.

  3. and the third one, it could also probably be the solution for the landscape-mode problem: Can we make the panorama-mode better?

PS: on the 3rd and 4th image, it would be great if the suggestion bar could also be controllable, either the height adjusted (sub-request of this one), or not displayed in certain layer (a different request)

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This will be tracked as issue #2999