Pictures for answers in quizzes

When working with those who are using the very first readers, it would be very nice to have some new features in the quiz, since these folk cannot read either the question or the answer.
It would be wonderful to be able to include pictures for the answers. For example:
What did the mama in this story make for her daughter?
*a skirt (picture)
a canoe (picture)
*a basket (picture)

Within BLOOM Enterprise:
a. Offer Comprehension questions that can have images as answers.
b. Offer audio only comprehension questions, so they do not have to read the
This would be useful in the earliest stages of literacy-- listening comprehension and even sound identification (touch the picture that starts with m, or find the word that says mama).

Such things would be useful for listening comprehension in Bible story creation as well.

A team in South Asia have just asked me about this feature also. They feel it would be helpful to have pictures in the quizzes. If included, readers could match a letter/word/sentence to pictures.

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You might want to consider using Reading App Builder to accomplish this, instead of Bloom. I have posted a tutorial that shows how to create a quiz for non-readers and allows for multiple correct answers. The video is here:

Everything is based on easy to use simple codes which are typed in as regular text in a Word document. The video shows where to download a zip file with all of the resources used to create the app, as well as the android app.