Physics Keyboard

I am a physicist. Is there a single keyboard that includes all the characters, symbols, signs, markings, etc., needed for physics work?

There’s a few Keyman Greek keyboards for characters, though you’d probably need to create your own Physics keyboard with Keyman Developer to include the markings for formulas.

Hey, engineer here. I’ve been working on including those kinds of things in my keyboard designs, particularly the degree sign which is annoyingly absent from, the standard British keyboard. I can certainly look into designing something for you, if you want to suggest how you want it to work.
Which characters will you need? how do you prefer to input them? Do you have a 104 or 105 key keyboard? Would you mind if some of the standard punctuation was harder to type for the sake of expediency of typing physics characters?

I am a physics student who knows some keyman developer. I am going to try to make a physics keyboard. I’ll update this thread once I have made it.

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Thank you for the suggestion and efforts from everyone.
If there may be anymore update regarding this, you can always create a new topic.

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