Phrase Lists not ignoring image links

I am using the exact same input files as for a previous version of RAB and aeneas. RAB used to ignore the hyperlinks in the word docx file to the images.

With the latest version of RAB 7.1 (Windows) it tries to parse the image hyperlinks as part of the phrase lists, which makes for useless alignment. See image.

Even if I manually remove the hyperlinks to the images from the Word file, it still somehow ‘finds’ the links in the docx (even if full copy paste) and tries to use it in the Phrase Lists.

Please advise.

Option 1.
You have no data in your [] try putting in a word in there and see if that is different.

Option 2.
Use the changes section in the aeneas wizard to remove those hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks to images in Markdown start with a !, but I don’t see that.

![some alt picture text, only shows if picture not found](filename.jpg)

Hyperlinks are like this:

[some text](https:\\