Phonology Assistant on Windows 8.1: System.IO.FileNotFoundException

A colleague with Windows 8.1 had FileNotFoundException messages showing regularly on his Phonology Assistant 4.0.2 with FW9. Installing PA 4.1.0 just results in the program refusing to start at all with the same System.IO.FileNotFoundException being reported in logs. It doesn’t report what file isn’t found. Any ideas? I ran the DotNet 4.7 installer and it says everything is up to date.

Perhaps an anti-virus program is preventing access?

Of course, I should have considered that. Thanks for the suggestion. In the end I installed 4.0.4 into the Program Files (not x86) folder and it was happy. I still want to get to the bottom of what was going on with 4.1.0 and 4.0.2 and the FileNotFoundException, but it’ll have to wait for another day.

It’s really a shot in the dark - the System.IO.FileNotFoundException doesn’t really seem like an anti-virus side effect, but I suppose it could be.