Permanent download link for latest version of Bloom?

Hi. I know I can get the latest Bloom Desktop installer here:, but the link on this page points to a specific release version (4.8.0 for the current stable version). I support many users in a low-bandwidth environment and I’m wondering if there’s a permanent link I could use that always points to the latest stable version of Bloom regardless of version number so that I can use a script to periodically download the most recent installer without first knowing the version number. Ideally this would be a publicly-accessible link so I wouldn’t have to deal with login credentials in a script.


Sure, try this:

Hi Nate,
OK, I’ve moved this to Feature Requests.

DownloadPointers_Release.htm is just another page, not the link you’re asking for. And it will be retired soon anyways, as we move to

Thanks for the response. For now the link suggested by ColinSuggett works, but the current and “next” sites require a java browser to “scrape”, which would add a layer of complexity to my script that I use to keep apps up-to-date on our server. I would love for the feature request to become a reality, otherwise it will be hard to ensure that my users have an up-to-date version of Bloom available.

Until this is implemented… this file is the replacement for the one Colin linked to:

Perfect. That’ll do it for me. Thanks.