Paratext and Eurolatin keyboard

I would like to use the EuroLatin keyboard in one of my Paratext projects. However, the keyboard uses \ as a deadkey which opens the USFM marker dialogue box in Paratext, making all the characters formed with the deadkey \ inaccessible. Does anyone have a workaround for that?

Two options:

  1. Create your own version of the keyboard. The full source of the keyboard is available at so you could create your own version based on that, using Keyman Developer, which is freely available at

  2. The keyboard can be configured to use Right Alt or Right Ctrl as the modifier for action keys such as . This would apply to all action keys, but then you would press Right Ctrl+\ which should not conflict with the USFM marker dialog box. Make sure you have the latest version, 1.8, of European Latin, downloadable from (requires Keyman Desktop 10)

Thank you for your quick reply.
I tried option 2,since it was easier. But it does not work, as it still invokes the USFM marker menu. I will try the option 1 later.
I was hoping I could use a pre-set keyboard… but that’s o.k.