Parallel text

Hi Folks -

I am not sure if I have already submitted this query - I’ve been thinking about it, in any case!

I have some field notes from an old project on a Melanesian language that I am revisiting. They are in the form of sentences in the source language (little or no work done on it) and the English target language; that is, what the informant is probably talking about. Most of it seems quite well done.

Is there a software package (preferably free…) that will generate a list of each word in the source language, followed by a list of every sentence (and the associated English translation) where that particular word occurs.

I remember seeing a very early, locally developed program (punch-cards!) but haven’t been able to spot anything similar - or perhaps I am just not using the current word to describe the kind of product I need.

I will be very grateful for any information you can provide!

I haven’t worked with it for a while, but FieldWorks language Explorer ( can record texts and their translations and generate various concordances of them. Don’t know whether it can do exactly what you want, but it’s free, so may be worth a look if you don’t get a better suggestion.


Thanks very much for your quick response, John - I will check it out!