Paragraph Style support for First Line Indented, and Hanging Indented PPs

We would like our Bloom books to look more “professional” by using First Line Indented paragraphs (rather than block paragraphs). Currently we use 4 spaces. And it is easy to forget to add them, or only add three, etc. Also, if right-justification is used, then using spaces for the indention is liable to vary in width depending on the line length.
We would also like to use hanging indentions in the back of the book where we put the English translation of the text. We would like to include the page number, e.g.:

Pg 1. This is a Story about a Proud Turtle… He lived next to a pond in
… the middle of the jungle.
Pg 2. One day he saw…

(where the dots are spaces–unfortunately, this discussion group’s text display system does not support multiple spaces nor tabs, so as to show the indentions better)

Having the paragraphs automatically wrap to the specified width would greatly improve readability.

There were two feature request here: one for initial indentation, and one for hanging. Since there were zero votes for this feature, but we had heard of people wanting the initial indentation, we’ve now implemented that in Bloom 4.0 beta:


If someone still wants the hanging indentation, please make a new feature request, and don’t forget vote for it.