Pan & Zoom audio books with video output

I am trying to make story templates so that indigenous communities can illustrate their audio bible portions as synchronized motion picture video. The images in the template have zoom and pan effects to create video motion. The bible stories are intended to be published as apps, 3gp or mp4 video files for mobile phones and tablets.

Hi Paul,
If you have time, please check out 4.2 alpha and let us know what you think. It doesn’t have video export yet, but it has pan & zoom and background music. Books will work with Bloom Reader.

I don’t foresee us importing from anything other that MS Photo Story 3 (which SIL IMS used), but you could copy/paste easy enough; you’ll have to redo the pan & zoom.

If you haven’t used one of our alphas before, Bloom’s alpha, beta, and release “channels” can all be installed side-by-side, no need to uninstall one to try out another. Also, the alphas are created several times a day, and should come with the very latest bugs that our testers haven’t had a chance to discover yet. If you run into a problem, make sure you have the latest, then please use the Help:Report a problem feature to tell us about it and send us the offending book.

Looking forward to seeing your templates on!

hi paul, could I look at some of these video books that you are working on? I want to do the same thing. Craig

What’s the status of mp4 or other common video format output for Bloom?

What’s the status of mp4 or other common video format output for Bloom?

It’s still on our To Do list. Are you using the “Motion Book” features we added to Bloom, e.g. to make Bloom Reader books? We put a lot of effort into that but haven’t heard from anyone actually using it.

No, sorry. The demand from the local communities I work with is for mp4 videos, something that can be easily uploaded to social media or watched on a phone without installing any software. There is not much demand for “Motion Books” that I am aware of. Any chance exporting to a video format will be in the pipeline soon?

I was asked today (9 Nov 2020) about mp4 output as an option. Any new developments?

Hi Scott,
We haven’t started on it yet. This would be the feature request: Produce a video of the story being read, postable on YouTube, Facebook, etc