Page by page audio syncing

I’m wondering if it is possible to not do the phrase by phrase highlighting and audio/text matching, but to just have the audio and text align by a whole page at a time? Or if that’s not possible to just have the app make both the text and the audio available to app users separately without any highlighting? If either of these options are possible, how does one do that?

Gene Michelson

I think you’re question is answered in this post: Highlighting showing in Export to HTML, but no highlighting in Android app

This feature was added within the latest version of RAB.

Hi Gene,
the link that Liz references tells you how to turn highlighting on/off if you matched the audio at the phrase level. If you just want to add audio to each page without worrying about syncing or highlighting at the phrase level, this is quite easy to do.

Make one audio file per page in your audio editor of choice. Then label each file consistently “page 1.mp3”, “page 2.mp3” or similar. Finally select the book in RAB and go to the “audio files” tab. there you can select the “Use several audio files, one for each page” option and feed it the files.