Packaging Additional Files for Mobile Platforms

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With Keyman packages targetted for Windows additional (I think arbitrary) files can be included that will appear in the Start menu for the keyboard. Can any additional files be included with a mobile keyboard? If so, how is this done? In my particular case I’m wishing to bundle sample texts in the form of eBooks which might be in a .epub or .pdf format.



This isn’t something we support on mobile platforms. On Windows, additional files in packages have been supported primarily as a way of allowing for extra documentation, but we haven’t extended that support to any other platform – there would be significant development required to make these additional files accessible and it adds a layer of complexity that I am not keen to get into.

If I was starting the Windows development today, I would probably not make Start Menu entries for keyboards a high priority!

I’m currently working on issue #4021 to view .pdf files referenced by the welcome.htm file on Keyman for Android.

Note: If you include copies of the .pdf files in your welcome/ folder (with the php file), they’ll get hosted with the online documentation at

For example, the complete typing charts in አማርኛ (Amharic) Classic Keyboard Help

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