Package ID for in-app keyboard for Android

Thank you very much for the in-app keyboard for Android. I have some questions about the PackageID parameter.

Before using the addKeyboard function, the sample project and documentation has:

kbInfo.put(KMManager.KMKey_PackageID, "cloud");

and the font and js file are contained in the “cloud” sub-folder of the assets.

My questions:

  1. Can this parameter be any name or should it be “cloud”?
  2. Can it be an empty string, with the js and font files contained in the root assets folder? (i.e. allowing sharing of a font file which is already in the assets)

HI Richards,

We recommend keeping the js and font files in the “cloud” folder and having KMKey_PackageID be “cloud”. Currently, any keyboards you install via the globe button will be stored in the “cloud” sub-folder.

The Package ID (matching the folder name) is used to register the keyboard with the Keyman Web engine, so it can’t be an empty string.
Naming rules for package ID:

  1. letters, numbers, or underscore _ character
  2. “cloud” and “packages” are reserved names. “packages” is used when installing keyboards via .kmp Keyman keyboard packages.

Thank you very much, Darcy, for your clear and helpful answer.

I am hoping that Dictionary App Builder will soon have the ability to build apps with in-app Keyman keyboards.

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