PA - changing where the phones show up in the charts

In Phonology Assistant since we’re writing in the tentative orthography, some of the phones show up in the wrong place in the Consonant Chart and the Vowel Chart. For example, we are using “y” as a semi-vowel, so in order for the distribution charts to be correct, we need it to show up as an approximate on the Consonant Chart instead of a front vowel in the Vowel Chart. We also have some vowels that show up as back vowels in the vowel chart but that should really be better analyzed as central vowels.

I can’t find anywhere to change where these phones show up in these charts. Does anyone know how to change these? Thank you!

Hi Suzie!
I’m no expert, but would you get the result you need by going to Tools > Transcription Changes and say you want what is transcribed as “y” to be replaced with the IPA symbol “j”. Your data in FLEx will still have the orthographic “y”, but you’ll be able to analyze the approximant “j” appropriately in PA.

Thanks so much! It’s perhaps not as beautiful of a solution as I was hoping for, but it definitely does the job. Thanks!

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