Other Language - Polish

Is it possible to add an additional language?

Program interface

  • Lexique Pro
  • FieldWorks

next, adding a Polish dictionary?

Are you asking for the SayMore program to add a Polish language interface, or are you requesting this for Lexique Pro and FieldWorks?
In general, supported SIL software can be localized into any language required. The relevant software development team(s) will assist with this, but unless there are funds designated to pay for a professional translator, the actual effort to translate the user interface is usually left up to the people who are in need of it. We use Crowdin to translate most of our user interfaces, so if you are able to help with the translation or can hire someone to do it, it should be possible to log into crowdin.com, search for the software program of interest, and start translating. (In many cases, you will have to ask to be added as a translator.)