Option to convert Local Lang Collection to Source Collection

Occasionally, when I create a new collection, I forget to select Source Collection and leave the tick on the default Local Lang. collection. I often don’t discover this until I have made several books in the new collection. I could create another new collection, this time remembering to select the Source Collection option. But there is no easy way to get the books I worked on into the new, correct collection. Could you add a feature that converts already created Local Lang collections to Source Collections

Hi Jessie,
People find this distinction between Source and Vernacular confusing and even if they temporarily understand it, they then go on to make the wrong choice. In your case, I think you are doing vernacular books and yet want to use Source Collection because of its behavior. So this idea was a failure on my part; our goal is to get rid of this distinction, entirely.

That means, however, that we need to provide other ways to do whatever is is that Source Collections provide people, in some other way.

If I understand correctly, the reason you are using them is that you want to be able to easily duplicate from one collection to another. But that’s actually another problem… why do you have multiple collections, and are there capabilities we could provide that would make it comfortable for you to live in fewer collections?

I’ll continue this line of thinking in its own topic, here.