Optimum screen size for Bloom Reader App

Is the BLOOM Reader app optimized for any particular tablet, 7",8", or 10" or any particular screen size for phones?

Wanting to buy a tablet for testing…
Bethann Carlson

Bloom Reader is optimized for a 16x9 screen shape, which is what most phones use. Some newer phones have an even taller and thinner shape, and BloomReader will waste a little space at the top and bottom (for portrait mode books). Some tablets have a shorter, thicker shape, and BR will waste some space along the sides. It should work on any of them (as long as it has at least Android 4.4).

Apart from that, the only issue is readability. Depending on how much text you are trying to get on a page, a larger screen may make it easier to read. But most books should be fine on most phones.

I have Samsung Tab A, 8 inch screen. I have a hard time getting my bloom books to display my text boxes correctly. Many times some of the text from the end does not displayed I used device 16x9 portrait. I have tried both Andika and Andika Basic fonts. What can i do to fix it. Currently i have to reformat the Bloom to not used a portion of the text at the end. it is 1024x768 pixels.

Hi Kent,
Go ahead an do a Help:Report a problem with one of the books showing this. We should be able to set up an emulator to reproduce the problem.