Opening on startup

I want to open Keyman on startup, but I get this splash:

Hi @TonyNaden, if you click OK in that dialog, does the problem resolve? This message would normally only arise if your Keyman installation has been damaged, and clicking OK would take you through an installation repair process which fixes it.

Which version of Keyman, by the way?

@TonyNaden Do you still experience this issue or has it been resolved yet?

I reinstalled the program (version 9, later ones won’t read the Ghana keyboards) and the error message is now:


  • New versions of Keyman should read version 9 keyboards without problem – where are you getting the Ghana keyboards from?

  • The error you are seeing is indicative of a damaged installation of Keyman – messages are partially missing and the dialog itself comes from a recent version of Keyman. How did you reinstall Keyman?

    To resolve this, you’ll need to uninstall Keyman – all versions – and Keyman Developer if you have it installed, reboot (in case any files are in use), and then reinstall it.

Thanks, I’ll try again when I have time. Ghana keyboards from

I got such message after Keyman 13…
I need to fully uninstall of keyman & Tike (incl. app data) and erase all registry entry via Revo Uninstaller. Then again reinstall keyman.
It will solve the issue for me.