Onscreen Keyboard on ubuntu

I have ubuntu 22.04 LTS and keyman installed.
Is there a way to have an onscreen keyboard from which keys can be entered instead of he hardware keyboard? I have this feature on Windows, but unable to see in ubuntu


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You can access the keyboard’s OSK via Onboard.

The OSK of the selected keyboard will be reflected, i.e. Arabic keyboard.

(tested on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS running Keyman for Linux v15.0.267-stable)

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thank you. I got the onboard app installed. however, I have the following issues

  1. the onscreen keyboard doesnt overlay on top of the app as shown in your fig 2. It is a standalone window that goes to the background when I get the desired app such as an editor to the foreground. see image attached
  2. the keyboard doesnt change its charac map when I select a new keyboard language from the key board selection on the top right of the screen
  3. Nothing that I type on the oncreen keyboard goes to the app, since the app gets deselected why I select the onscreen keyboard.

Something missing yet. not able to figure out…

thanks again

@EberhardBeilharz may be able to help here?

@ramOnUbu I guess you’re using the Wayland mode. Unfortunately onboard doesn’t work with Wayland. You can try and login with X11 instead (logout, then select your user and click on the cog at the bottom right of your screen. Select “Ubuntu on Xorg”, then enter your password).

You can verify what you’re using by opening About (press Windows-key, type “about” and select the “About” app). In the “Windowing System” row it shows you whether you’re running Wayland or X11.

Also make sure you have onboard-keyman installed instead of plain onboard which doesn’t support Keyman (sudo apt install onboard-keyman).

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I switched over to X11 as suggested and both the keyman and onboard work perfectly well. thank you @Marc and @EberhardBeilharz for your timely and accurate help. :pray: :pray: :pray: