One-page minibook templates!

Is it possible to create a template that allows us to make one-page minibooks? I’m attaching a proposed template here for the PDF layout. There is a folding technique to make an 8-page book with no staples or glue.Mini-Book%20Layout

I have seen some mini-books that have been created using other programs, but not within Bloom.

There is an A6 page-size available within Bloom, but if these books are printed as booklets, A5 paper is needed.

Templates can be created in Bloom, but the text/image boxes cannot be rotated. So I suspect this would need to happen in the publishing/generating of the PDF.

Maybe there’s a PDF-generated which could do this?


Hi Liz, can you tell us what other programs make mini-books?
thanks, Christine

We’ve been discussing this on the Bloom team. I think Bloom may be able to do it soon.

If Bloom could do this, that would be great.

For those asking, the other programs I was referring to are MS Publisher, or Draw (within Open Office or Libre Office). Or other drawing programs.

It would require the user to make their own template like the example, with rotated text/image boxes.

Thanks y’all for the comments! If you like the idea, could you vote for it to help us get SIL’s attention to make it happen (and ask some others to do so as well?) Thanks!

The layout it straight forward. What is difficult here is how to both cram all the metadata (credits, title page, branding) onto the A6 back cover while also preserving the user interface there needed to fill it all out.

Whenever A3 comes up, we always wonder… outside of large SIL entities, how common are A3 printers?

This has my “vote”, but I don’t have any actual votes left!

Re A3 printers…

I’m aware of a couple of groups within Asia who have A3 printers, and not just large SIL entities.


Very pleased this is moving forward!

This is a sample image of what the margins need to look like in order for the text and/or images to be centered on each folded page.
Note: the double space between the sections.
I have created the corrected/adjusted Publisher file if anyone needs it.

Note: the dotted lines were added … not necessary but were felt to be helpful in the folding process.
(The solid line border was just to show the A3 boundary when test printing on 8.5x11 for easier trimming.)

Hope this is helpful.