One Image Click, Multiple Sound Clips

I have an app where the user sees a word (e.g. yu̱wa̱ꞌ which is Me’phaa for crow) and below are three images, one of which is of the crow. If they choose the correct image, they get a ding (correct!). If they choose the wrong image, they get a buzz (wrong!). See at the very bottom for how the “code” is set up.

I would like to be able to, when they click an image, to (1) play a correct/wrong sound then (2) play the Me’phaa for the selected word then (3) play the sound the animal makes.

I know that I could just combine all of these audio files together in Audacity, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a command as follows:

\fig culebra.jpg \fig*+(culebra.mp3)+(laCulebraDice.mp3)

So, I’m wondering if I just need to know the right syntax for one image click to trigger multiple audio files, or if it’s just not possible.



\fig culebra.jpg \fig*
\fig cuervo.jpg \fig*
\fig gallo.jpg \fig*

You can only play one mp3 for each word. But there is nothing stopping you setting up a spreadsheet of what sounds you want together and then using a script and a tool like SOX to join the three bits you want into a new .mp3 file which has the three parts you want.

Ah, OK. For now, then, we’ll just manually combine them, but if we have a large project with tons of audio files, we’ll look into SOX or similar. Thanks!

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