[On Behalf of User]: Batak Keyboard

Thank you for providing Batak script keyboard at https://keymanweb.com/#bbc-batk,Keyboard_batak
After using the Toba Batak keyboard, I found a problem with using the u sound in the letter la, where the u sound is placed on the lower left of the letter la. All u sounds should be placed to the right of the letter, or to the bottom right of the letter.
Furthermore, the use of the u sound must still fully display the u sound symbol, namely in the form of an arrow tip to the right > then the use of the u sound in the letter ga should be corrected so that it still appears with the > symbol. The same thing needs to be done with the letters, please place the u sound on the bottom right, not on the bottom left.
There are still a number of things that we would like to discuss, if there is an admin who can directly chat via WhatsApp or telegram social media, it will really help the discussion to be faster for repairing this keyboard, so that we Toba Batak people can use it properly. Thank You

This sound very much like a font issue. The keyboard only output the characters being typed.

It’s possible the user does not realize the u sound should be typed after the letter.

Also, the keyboard comes with the Noto Sans Batak font, but I just discovered it was never put in the Keyman Web repo so the online keyboard may not have had a good font for display. I’ve just added it, so ask the user to try again.

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