Old IBM French keyboard, mapping K_SCROLL or K_PRTSCN


I have an old (1988) IBM keyboard working perfectly.
I was able to plug it on my mac or PC with a dedicated adapter.

There is of course missing keys from recent keyboards (Windows Key for example)
I would like to map K_SCROLL to the windows key, but in my tests when I put a line like

  • [K_SCROLL] > [K_?5B]

I get an error message
kbdfr.kmn (274): Error: 4055 Statement extended is not currently supported in output

Great software !
Thanks for your help !


Welcome to the Keyman Community! In this case, Keyman may not be the tool best suited to the task. Keyman is designed to map character output from keys, not change the virtual key codes of existing keys. MSKLC may do what you need?

Thanks for your answer.
As I’ll work with my mac and my pc, keyman was the best answer.
I’ll keep keyman for remapping the whole keyboard, and use a hack like

To be able to have a windows key.
Next step will be to have something similar on the mac.

Thanks for your help.

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