Offline training videos

I’m planning a BLOOM training, and would like to download videos for the training. It looks like only SOME of them are available for downloading?

Bethann Carlson

Thanks for your involvement in Bloom training!

This post explains all the things you’ll want to do to prepare for your workshop.

Note, the article has a quick link to download the older “standard” videos set.

Two recent videos are available here. These videos will have to be downloaded separately.

Some advanced Bloom training is under discussion. If you have ideas for advanced training, please share them with us.

Hi Colin,

I’m not sure whom I should write to notify the BLOOM team that we are having a BLOOM training. Is it you? Can you consider yourself notified? Or else let me know who to contact.

We can call it the CDU Vanuatu BLOOM Training Event.

The dates of the training are 22-26 March, from 8am to 12 noon Vanuatu time. The World Clock Meeting Planner - Results (

It will be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu, at the SIL library.

The 7 Participants are from the Curriculum Development Unit of the Ministry of Education and Training for our beloved Vanuatu.

I will be conducting the training by ZOOM from Pennsylvania. Our Associate Director, Andrea Bryant (I’m cc’ng her on this), has kindly agreed to be the point person on the ground. She claims to not be techie, and I am not particularly techie myself. So we will appreciate knowing that we can call on you.

The Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) does have an IT person, and it strikes me as important that their own tech get everybody’s computers set up and learn how to do that, so that they can be more independent as they continue their multi-lingual education program’s book push. I’ve asked them to TRY to do the set-up—and told them to make appointments with her this week to get their computers set up if necessary. I also told them to bring their tech so he can learn! They’ve been told that their computers have to be set up before the workshop begins.

If the CDU tech struggles with setting up the computers, I am wondering if Andrea or myself may call on you for assistance—not only during the week of the workshop—but this week prior to the workshop, whilst setting up computers.

What kinds of things are you thinking of for advanced training?

Bethann Carlson

Literacy and Education Coordinator

SIL Vanuatu

The bulk of the responsibility for setting up the computers and getting Bloom installed etc. belongs to the local workshop host. Having said that, we will respond any problems directly related to Bloom itself, and now that we understand that there’s a workshop going on, we’ll try to respond in a timely fashion.

If a participant encounters a bug or issue, instruct the person to click on the ? symbol in Bloom and then click “Report a Problem…”. Give as much detail as possible and please mention that the report is from the Vanuatu workshop participant to alert us of its priority.

Anti-virus software (beyond Windows Defender) can causes issues with Bloom. Here are some additional articles which your team should read:

If possible, please send me (by private message) an invitation to your workshop. That’s 5pm-9pm my time, and I just might drop in to observe.