Off-line capability

Since internet is not reliable or does not exist in many places in the developing world, I would like to see the off-line capability feature made a priority.

Hi Kari,

Thank you for writing about offline capabilities. This is a large feature, one whose development cost I have underestimated for years. Our ability to deliver an offline Language Forge largely hangs on the team re-writing Language Forge using a different, more modern technology stack that has offline features baked in. I agree with you that offline is a very important feature, one that I would really really like to deliver on. At this point our roadmap and future technology decisions are still under development. Thank you for interacting with us!

Until off-line capability is developed, is there a way we can easily export some sort of copy to Word or PDF so we could at least have access to it in the communities for checking, testing, etc?

If not, then I know we can sync to FLEx and then print a PDF from the Dictionary view.

Hello Dale,

Our apologies for the delayed response. Currently, all of the export solutions are via FLEx. Exporting to Word or PDF for community review are good options.

In my personal case, in FLEx I created a dictionary view called “Linguist’s Lexical Export” that shows every single field- including ones that wouldn’t normally go in a dictionary (such as notes and the date last edited). I used that to export my lexicon, and import it into DAB. Then I installed the resulting app on my phone, so that I always have access to all of my data, even if I can’t edit it. This is an app that only I use.

I hope this helps.