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thanks for the help, it works! our plan is to have all keyboards downloaded and accessible by a normal user on all 24 of these laptops. is there a mass bundle type package I can download that has all the keyboards? right now if I download a keyboard we need admin to install it, the normal laptop user wont have admin. thanks for your help!

This is challenging with Windows at present – it is not possible to install a keyboard in Windows without administrator access. Microsoft are apparently considering making it possible to install a keyboard for a restricted user, but I don’t know what the time frame on that development would be.

We don’t have a bundle of all the keyboards – it would be huge (there are over 600 keyboards on the site). It would also not work well as it makes an very unwieldy list of languages to choose from. (In fact, we’ve seen Windows crash if you have more than 100 or so keyboards installed – this being a Windows limitation, not a Keyman limitation).

If you have a smaller subset of keyboards that users will need, you can setup to have those installed by your admin, and not enabled for the user. Then the user can select the keyboards they wish to enable in Keyman Configuration.