Number pad


Is there a way to map the number pad numbers distinctly from the numbers on the top row?

This shows only the alpha-numerical 101 key set.

I found the answer in the old forum

K_1 vs K_NP1

But I can’t this information in the docs in the website!


I think you can. Just like what you have pointed out, you may map [K_1] to a number and [K_NP1] to another thing of your interest.

To identify the virtual key of each number pad key, please try ‘Virtual Key Identifier’ from the tool menu in the Keyman Developer.


Thanks. But the on screen display only includes the standard 101/102 keys. It doesn’t show the number pad.

How can display the full keyboard?

There may be a way, but not sure how often would people use the number pad. If you would like to have it in the keyboard documentation, you may want to manually design that.

We want to use different number system in the top row and number pad.

How would I manually design it?

Please provide some documentation on the kvk design.

I want to be able to display the keyboard layout with number pad

The kvk cannot display the number pad. There is no facility in its design to allow this.