Nuer/Thok Nath keyboard renders wrong character

Hi there,

I have been using the Nuer/Thok Nath keyboard on my phone, and it works perfectly except that when I access the character combination Ɔ̱ by holding down the Ɔ key, it renders as Ɛ̱. Could you look in to this? I expect this is just a copy and paste error in the code.

Many thanks,


There does appear to be a bug. Will rebuild the layout tonight.

The bug was specifically on mobile phone, the tablet/ipad keyboard did not have the bug. The bug was fixed in version 1.6 ,but apparently this version hadn’t found its way to the keyman keyboards repository.

Have made a pull request for it. So should be available after it is reviewed and approved.

Thanks for your help Andrew!

@oliverbond the updated layout should be available now.