Not Displaying Included Font(s) on Android

In previous versions of Keyman, the included font has displayed correctly on my touch (mobile) keyboard. However, on two of my recent keyboards (including an update of one that was working correctly before) the font is not the one I packaged with the keyboard.

Below is an example of one of the keyboards. This is a screenshot of me testing it in the browser, where it still seems to be working fine. It is showing the serif font that I packaged with the keyboard.

However, on the Android device, it is displaying a different font, as below. This happened both when attempting to use it within Keyman and with KAB.

Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone happen to know why this happened?

  • Matt A

Hi Matt

Keyman for Android should be applying the font you specified in the Package Editor
Can you check in “Keyman Developer” --> Package Editor and verify you’ve updated the “keyboard font” and “display font” to match the font you’re including in the keyboard package?

@darcy, that was missing:

However, it was still displaying the font correctly when I was testing it in the browser. Does the Touch Layout in the browser automatically search for any attached fonts?

In any case, I selected the fonts here:

Then I rebuilt the keyboard, but it’s still displaying a different font.

I don’t know if it’s worth noting that this was working fine in a previous build, as shown by the old screenshot from my initial post. I guess I can’t guarantee, but I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t have applied the specified font in the Package Editor before and then removed it.

Yeah, the fonts applied in the web test browser page relate to your “Character font” settings within Keyman Developer, not the package settings. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue – often you’ll be testing the keyboard before you have prepared the package so Keyman Developer does its best to supply the expected font there. But that can be confusing for validating the final experience – we’d like to improve this.

I’m going to let Darcy continue with the investigation with you :slight_smile:

@Matt_A has emailed me his keyboard project, so we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on…

This seems to be resolved by uninstalling Keyman, and then reinstalling Keyman and the keyboard package.

Hmm, I have run into issues in the past where some of the font and style values seemed to get cached in development. I specifically had issues when I replaced the fonts or when I used fonts with spaces in the filename.

Yeah @Matthew_Lee, I definitely replaced the font with a newer version a time or two. I wonder if that was part of the issue.

Also, I really need to get around to posting this on an appropriate thread (unless here is okay?), but, while (with Darcy’s help) I’ve got it working using the Keyman app now, using KAB it’s still not pulling the correct font.

Might be good to post in the KAB forum?