Normal, Wide, Extra wide features

Inter-letter, inter word, and line spacing have significant impact on readability for early readers, so I appreciate the extra choices for “normal” “wide” and “extra wide” spacing between letters.
Can you clarify how many letter-spaces there are between words in the normal, wide, and extra wide features? It would be helpful in planning progression.

I am reading that spacing between letters should not exceed more than 10% (ie more than 1.28 x the width of the lowercase x used in the normal Courier text.) I’m presuming that the extra-wide does not exceed that? It looks SO wide to me.


Sorry, but here comes some techno jargon.

The word spacing in Bloom uses the css property called word-spacing. Here is a reference.

I’m no expert, but this is what I understand from looking just now:
Normal is the default with spacing of 0.25em. em is a unit relative to the size of the font. 0.25em means 1/4 of the current font size.
Wide is defined by Bloom as 5pt, which is 5/72 of an inch.
Extra Wide is defined by Bloom as 10pt, which is 10/72 of an inch.

One could certainly argue that Wide and Extra Wide should be defined using ems so they would be relative to the font size. I’m not sure why we didn’t do it that way.

If you have a specific requirement, we could probably help you add some custom css to add to your collection’s customCollectionStyles.css. But as always, this “voids your warranty.” : )

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